August 9th, 2013:

We're coming up on 5 years of serving the old school/retro BMX community. If you've never shopped with us before, let me first tell you who we are:

Porkchop BMX is dedicated to bringing you retro/vintage inspired products, primarily for BMX, but we also stock some items for older mountain bikes.  Most of our products are custom manufactured and are therefore available exclusively through this website and our authorized dealers - we do not maintain a walk-in retail storefront nor are operators standing by to take your call - this keeps our costs low so you're buying parts for your bike, not paying for fluff that doesn't add value to your order. 

We are the exclusive source for Chop Saw driveline components and stems, Viscount old school seats, Duro old school SKINWALL tires in sizes from 16" up to 26", and we carry the largest selection of Flite padsets and donuts on the planet. We are one of the largest Dia-Compe dealers in the world and work closely with Dia-Compe to bring you unique brake products in a wide range of colors.

Our business is built on simplicity: We ship our products in pristine condition, ridiculously fast, and darn near 100% accurate.  We appreciate customers who carefully read descriptions, view all photos, and take the time to measure their bike before ordering - this reduces returns which allows us to continue to offer low prices.


Here are some highlights from the past year:


Porkchop BMX Facebook page
We now have almost 8000 fans on our Facebook page (click "Like" on the homepage). We update it DAILY so this is one of the best way to keep up with what's happening here at Porkchop BMX, new shipments, new products, sales, and general happenings in the old school BMX community.


Monthly E-mail Newsletter
For those who aren't into the whole Facebook thing, you might try signing up for our e-mail list - it is also available on the homepage.  Your contact info is used exclusively by Porkchop BMX and not shared or sold. In addition, we're so busy, I'd be surprised if we find time to actually send out even one of these a month. For those who hate spam, this is the e-mail list for you.


Bicycle Giveaways

So far, we've given away 7 custom built BMX bikes to our customers, where we've spared no expense and showcased many of our products to create a unique BMX bike. For the first 5, your order was your entry. The last two we did Build Offs on where each bike entered in the buildoff was your entry.
We are currently taking a hiatus from these giveaways. If you have an idea for a future giveaway, let us know and if we like it we'll make it happen!


Below are the bikes we've given away so far:


Robinson Giveway
We gave away a 1997 Robinson MX that was a U.S. manufactured frame/fork and built up with top quality components (some Porkchop, some NOS). The winner was drawn July 8th, 2010 and the bike now has a new home in Colorado (see below).


Schwinn Mag Scrambler Giveaway:
After a couple of false starts, we finally got a winner for the Mag Scrambler - George Hodges of Walkersville, Maryland. George will be sending pics of himself with the bike soon, but in the meantime, below is what he won.


Hutch Windstyler Giveaway:
1984 Hutch Windstyler - the entry period was November 2nd, 2010 to April 29th, 2011 with the winner (Rob South of Alabama) drawn April 30th, 2011.


2011 Standard 125R Pork Edition
We teamed up with Rick Moliterno and Standard Byke Company for this one - a custom 125R frame/fork/bars combined with a little Pork flavor to come up with the ultimate race bike.
Entries were accepted from April 30th, 2011 to September 30th, 2011 and we awarded this bike Oct 1st, 2011 to George Hoos of Florida.


1984 Raleigh R1500 Pit Bike Giveaway
Our latest giveaway bike - a 1984 Raleigh pit bike. Entry period was from October 1st, 2011 to February 28th, 2012 and we gave this bike away to Charlie Wilson of West Palm Beach, FL (we also ship parts to him in Canada, so I'm not sure which he considers home) on March 1st, 2012.


1984 Hutch Pro Racer Giveaway
We teamed up with and Bullseye Cycle to build this 1984 Hutch Pro Racer. We gave it away to a randomly drawn participant in our Golden Age of BMX Build Off on We did the drawing on September 17th, 2012 and the winner was caligoose85.


2012 Skyway 24 XL Giveaway (Build Off)
In our next build off, we did cruisers only and decided to build up and giveaway a new Skyway cruiser to a randomly drawn participant. On December 10th, 2012 we gave this bike away to Chad Little in Houston, TX.

Officially Licensed Decals and Padsets for Schwinn BMX, Powerlite, Dyno, and Robinson

We are licensed by Pacific Cycle to produce padsets and decals under their Schwinn, Powerlite, Dyno, and Robinson brand names. We are hard at work re-creating the artwork for many models and will have a large selection from many of these brands available soon. This is an ongoing project and takes much time, energy, and cash to make happen.  If you have original decals or pad sets (or scans of them), vector artwork already prepared, etc. that you'd be willing to sell or trade, please let us know. We can be very generous with trading parts or if need be we can pay cash. Thanks!



Porkchop the Young Geek
Porkchop at about age 12
School Band photo - that's a saxophone that is mostly cropped out of the picture. And yes, that is a Members Only jacket.




Justin Earl (a.k.a. Porkchop)



Friends of Porkchop BMX:

Smoopy's -  Andrew Logan and team at Smoopy's in Murfreesboro, TN (vintage bikes and related parts of all types) -

Shirtgun Wedding - great design and cool retro wrestling tees from Bob and Matt Potter:

Nick Ziegler, founder of the Midwest BMX Program (great charity! Send them $$$!) -

Kristen Ziegler of KZ Photography (Moline, IL / Davenport, IA area) -

Kaos BMX - Ted Bailey, David Pesquie and team (check out their new super light race frames!) Kaos now has a retail shop in West Monroe, Louisiana - if you're in the area, check it out! -

Uni BMX - Jason Forsmann and the Uni Factory Team -

BMX Products, LLC - Bill Curtin delivering officially licensed decal sets for your old school GT, Mongoose, Jag, and SE bike and Mongoose grips -

Elegant Wheels - Guy Doss, master wheel builder for all types of bicycles -

Chris Appoldt of Chris Appoldt Photography (Long Island, NY area) - builds some beatiful bikes and all around nice guy -