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Contacting Us

We handle all communication via email, specifically our [email protected] email box which is monitored 18 or so hours a day. You may also use the form below. You can also reply to any email you have received from us. It all goes to the same mailbox and is monitored by multiple people. We will respond ASAP.



Installation of the Products We Sell

Porkchop BMX is an online retailer of bicycle parts. We do not do part installation or repairs. While we are happy to answer SPECIFIC installation questions, we do not provide step-by-step instructions. If you need step-by-step instructions, you need to swallow your pride and visit your local bike shop and pay a professional. There is a reason bicycle mechanics and dentists exist. Not everything is Do-It-Yourself.

Bicycle parts installation can literally be a life/death proposition and Porkchop BMX is not responsible for injury or death caused by improper installation.