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International Shipping

When we started Porkchop BMX back in 2008, we shipped a lot of stuff internationally. Sometimes a package would take months to arrive, but even those rare instances were met with patience and courtesy from our customers. 


Then during the pandemic, three or more months for a package to be delivered became normal. Many international customers became abusive and some decided to do chargebacks - essentially stealing from us because of slow delivery.  In late 2020 we had had enough. It was not a problem we could fix so we stopped shipping internationally.


In 2021 we tried a couple of new carrier options, but apparently we're in a new world where any delay is met with complaints and abuse by customers. We had to pull those options as well.


We are currently only offering international shipping via eBay's Global Shipping Program (GSP). With GSP, eBay acts as a package forwarder. We ship the item to eBay, they get it to you, the international customer. Most importantly, eBay takes 100% responsibility for getting the item delivered. Too slow?  Don't like the shipping charges? Package gets lost? Contact eBay and they will help you. 


However we had an unfortunate situation recently with a Canadian customer who did not understand that skinwall tires are wrinkly and misshapen until after they are installed and inflated. He opened a case to force us to pay round trip international shipping on his purchase. This experience had us rethink the financial exposure we have shipping larger items to other countries, even via eBay's GSP. We have now blocked all larger and more expensive items from international sale on eBay. Hopefully we can continue to offer international sales on eBay but that is really up to it remaining profitable to do so.


At this time, only about half of our products are available for purchase on eBay. We are working on a solution to push all of them to eBay automatically and we hope to have that in place sometime in 2023. If there is something specific you are trying to purchase, let us know and we'll do our best to get it listed up for you quickly. Just keep in mind, prices are higher on eBay than our website.


As always the best option to buy from us if you are outside the U.S. is to have the items shipped to someone in the U.S. and have them forward the package to you. That gives you the full selection and low prices of our website, but you deal with the carriers’ logistical challenges directly.


Please let us know if we can help with anything else. Thanks!


Click HERE to view all items available for international shipping (which is via eBay only).