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International Shipping

Constant issues both during and after the pandemic means we no longer ship internationally directly. 


If you have a U.S. zip code, you are part of the U.S. and therefore we ship to you (i.e. Puerto Rico, Minor Outlying Islands, Guam, APO's etc.) 


We offer international shipping via eBay's International Shipping Program ONLY.  eBay acts as a package forwarder. We ship the item to eBay, they get it to you. Most importantly, eBay takes 100% responsibility for getting the item delivered. Too slow?  Don't like the shipping charges? Package gets lost? Contact eBay and they will help you. 


As of January 2023, we have pushed all of our products to eBay. Yes, they cost more than our website - this is because of the higher costs associated with doing business on eBay, including: eBay fees, "free" domestic shipping built into each item, domestic "free" returns and, a LOT more questions from eBay buyers (time is money). But it does give everyone involved 100% protection on items not arriving. 


Click HERE to view all items available for international shipping (which is via eBay only).


The cheapest option to buy from us if you are outside the U.S. is to have the items shipped to someone in the U.S. and have them forward the package to you. That gives you the full selection and low prices of our website, but you deal with the carriers’ logistical challenges directly.


NEW ISSUE (12-14-22): When you choose to go ahead and place an order on our website anyway, despite it being VERY CLEAR at checkout you cannot choose your country, we will not be refunding the 4% in credit card fees when we cancel your order. Many do not seem to realize that when a company does a credit card or Paypal refund, they do not get the transaction fees back. We are no longer going to be paying that for you.